Saturday, October 01, 2016

Pear Shaped Vindication

When you see this pretty woman, you might think that she looks strong and healthy. But did you think she's probably smart as well?

Perhaps you should. Research has revealed that pear shaped women with wide hips and big bottoms tend to be more intelligent. Better still, our children tend to be more intelligent as well. The reason is that those curves are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote brain growth.

I've listened to comments about my shape since I was eleven. Some were hurtful, some benign, but all true. I have a big butt. I'm a PAWG, a booty girl, a broad, junk in the trunk, saddlebags, love handles and all the rest.
People, and girls in particular, should not be judged based upon their bodies. It's sexist, unfair, insensitive and wrong. We are so much more than our dress size. I know this today, of course, but in my teenage years, there wasn't anyone to explain it.

It took years for me to first accept and later appreciate my body. Randy has been great. He has always praised my figure and reminds me that he loves me as I am. The popularity of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez helped to build my confidence as well. This is my body. I own it. It's mine. I no longer envy others or feel the need to transform myself. I'm OK.

So now we learn that there is a correlation between low waist/hip ratio and higher intelligence. Wow. Hips are cool. I wish I had possessed this fact when our daughter was a self-conscious teen. You can bet that if our ten-year-old granddaughter inherits this family trait, we will have a conversation about it. She will know that she is a beautiful young woman just as she is.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A Saturday Conversation

This is a transcription of a digital voice recording of a spanking session that happened back in 2013. It has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity. I don’t recall why I didn’t post it then.

I know I haven't been around for a while. Randy and I have been overcome by the four horseman of the holidays – illness, over-commitment, fatigue, and distraction. But today is a good day. We skipped our standing date last night because we were both just too tired. But this morning was different. I love Saturday morning. It holds the promise of an entire weekend. Two whole days lie before us.

Randy asked me to turn on our digital recorder. Here's what we recorded, more or less.

R: Young lady, it's time for you to learn some discipline.

B: Did you bring your textbook?

R: Oh, yeah. (waving a stingy round wooden paddle)

B: That's a bad book. It has only one page and there's nothing written on it.

R: The lessons will be written on your bottom.

B: How please am I supposed to read that?

R: Don't worry, you'll get the message.

B: Discipline, huh?

R: Yes. Self-discipline

B: So am I going to have to spank myself?

R: No, I'm going to do the teaching. Get your clothes off.

B: (I briefly crooned a silly version of The Stripper while slowly wriggling out of my nightgown and panties. I finished by kicking my panties in Randy's general direction) Doo-doo-doo-dee-doo-doo-doooo.

R: You're beautiful, but you're still getting spanked.

B: (pouty face) You and your lessons.

R: Get over my lap. (I complied)

B: (rubbing begins) Mmmmm

R: You know I only spank you because I have to.

B: Bullshit. You love it.

R: No, it's true. If I didn't spank you every week, there's no telling what would happen to you.

B: Hrmpf

R: (spanking begins, lightly at first, but using the cool, smooth wooden paddle)

B: Ow. Ow. Ow. (this is starting to hurt)

R: (now smacking the paddle against my bottom with a steady rhythm and alternating sides)

B: Aaaaaaack. Ahhhh.

R: Now you’re getting the point.

B: Point? Ouch!

R: Yeah, the point is that you need some discipline – right here on your ass.

B: Point? I think that toys with points are a hard limit for me.

R: (Whack!) You know what I mean.

B: Aaaaah! I know it hurts... a lot.

R: Good. I’m finally pleased I’m getting through to you.

B: OK, OK.

R: (more swats follow)

B: Ow. Ow. (and so on)

The recorder was switched off at this point. Spanking play blended into a different sort of fun thereafter.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Autumn Potpourri

Hey everybody. Happy weekend!

This is going to be one of those wandering potpourri posts. Back in the days when I posted daily, this would probably have been several day’s worth of material. Anyhow, here's what I've got.

First Things First

Friday has been spanking night at our house for years. We look forward to our evening of recreation and anticipate it all week. This Friday was no exception. We love creative spanking role play adventures, but time and energy often limit our options. Not so on this occasion.

In keeping with the season, we tried a back-to-school scenario. Randy was the stern professor, of course. But rather than the naughty schoolgirl who failed a test or forget her homework again, I played a nervous coed who needed a spanking in order to concentrate on her studies. I had to ask him to please give me some stress relief. He was very accommodating. He took me over his lap and lifted my pleated plaid skirt. He next tugged my white cotton panties up between my cheeks to fully expose them to his percussive tribute.

Randy began applying a flexible leather paddle, striking with a moderate yet relentless pace. The smacks were hard, especially on my unwarmed bottom, but the sting and the heat felt great. As he spanked, he tried to explain in detail the psychological and physiological reasons why hard spankings are essential for a young woman's concentration. His banter was absolute hogwash. I was actually listening as much as one can while being paddled. Suddenly, the sheer idiocy of his pseudo-scientific argument got to me.

"The leather transfers positive ions directly through the posterior dermis layers and directly into the central nervous system stimulating feelings of well being and invigorating confidence." (or something like that)

I burst out laughing! I couldn't help it. I told him exactly what I thought he was full of. I proclaimed that my bottom was now feeling extraordinarily confident! By this point, my loving husband was laughing too. I know I probably shouldn't make fun of him while he is spanking. It undermines his dominance. But this situation was just so silly. Besides, this was not a power exchange sort of spanking. It was supposed to be fun. And it was.

Randy had to re-establish order because he had to (it's a guy thing, I think). Another flurry of sizzling paddle strikes to my bare derriere curbed my runaway sense of humor and refocused my attention, at least temporarily. But it was all good fun.

I don't know how well it worked as relaxation therapy, but this humorous spanking and the romantic events that followed were a great way to launch into the weekend.


Those who follow our blogroll may have noticed that I’ve added a bunch of new blogs since I returned. The count now stands at 767 links. That’s a new high.

A lot of the new entries are Tumblr photo blogs. Some readers tell me they enjoy the variety of pictures and videos. Others lament the repetitiveness and explicit content of some Tumblr blogs. At present, I link many sorts of blogs with spanking-oriented content. When readers ask why I don’t link more couples blogs (or authors or DD or F/F or whatever), I tell them that I link what I find. If most of what I see is photo blogs, then that is what will be reflected in the blogroll. If you see a good blog that I’ve missed, please e-mail me and I’ll add it. Better still, if you want to start a new one, I’d love to help you promote it.

What do you prefer to see in the blogroll? Would you prefer a smaller, more focused blogroll? Is the color coding sufficient to help you find what you seek? Or is it all right as is?

A few readers expressed disappointment that I no longer mark new additions to the blogroll. It’s trivial to add that designation when new blogs are linked. The trick is recognizing when to remove the mark. How important is this subject to you?

Speaking of blogs, I need to salute Ronnie who is doing a wonderful job with In with the New. I encourage you to check out her blog.

More thanks go to Hermione who helps in a many invisible ways to keep this blog alive.

In other news...

A reader shared this article which examines how adult spanking became mainstream. I think that’s a good thing, right?

Just in time for elections

I haven’t posted a survey for a long time, so we probably should. Are there any questions that you would like to see MBS readers answer?


In tidying up this weekend, I discovered a never-posted transcription of a digitally recorded dialog from a spanking session. I think it’s humorous. I plan to get it posted soon.

I hope you’re all having a splendid weekend. I look forward to hear your responses to the questions above.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

And... We're Back

Hi everybody!

It's good to see you all again. My apologies to everyone who was concerned for our well being. We're fine. Ditto to anyone surprised or dismayed by this blog's sudden and unexpected disappearance. It was frankly a surprise to me too. Had I planned to leave, please know I would have said something.

So what happened to make me leave? And why am I back now?

In May, I started working on a special project at work where I had to collaborate with people from other organizations. The team lead decided to use some cloud-based tools I had never tried. "OK, fine, whatever," I thought. It wasn't great, but I was able to figure out what to do. When the weekend arrived, Randy was out so I decided to check in from home and work a little ahead. I didn't realize that when I clicked the invitation link, I was already logged into a related service as spanko Bonnie. I shrieked when I saw my backside displayed next to my name as one of the authorized users.

Needless to say, I freaked out. I didn't even wait for Randy. I shuttered my blogs and hid in the basement. If my co-workers found out what we do for recreation, well, I don't even want to think about that.

And then, nothing. If anyone noticed, they didn't let on. Even with MBS closed, all it would have taken was one Google search and my deepest secret would cease to be a secret. So I worried, right up until the day the project concluded. Now, no one has any reason to go back and poke around in that site. That was last week. I still worry, but less so with each passing day.

I wish I had a meaningful lesson to share, but I don't. We just have to be careful.

About that brush above... Randy declared last night that I needed to become reacquainted with it. I assured him that I hadn't forgotten at all. Not even a little. Undeterred, he insisted upon making that introduction both yesterday evening and this morning. Now I have no choice but to remember. Love that man!

The blogroll should be in decent shape, but I'm always on the lookout for spanking blogs. Please send me your discoveries and I will get them linked.

I hope you're enjoying a warm and toasty summer!

Any resemblance of individuals depicted in this blog to persons you may know in real life is purely coincidental.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Hooray for Pandora!

I was very surprised this morning when I glanced at my very vanilla news feed and learned that our friend, Pandora Blake, has won her censorship battle in the UK. You can read about it here.

This is not the last challenge we spankos will face in our struggle for acceptance, but for today, it's a mighty triumph. Let's all give our congratulations and our thanks to Pandora.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Consent (Again)

Hi everybody! I hope you're doing well. We are fine, just incredibly busy. I know I've been gone for a long time, but I'm here this morning.

I was reading the news yesterday (a dubious endeavor these days) when I encountered this story. The Pakistani Islamic Council proposed a bill that allows husbands to "lightly beat" their wives. Say what? OK, I am not a part of that culture and I should not not judge them based upon my liberal western values. But still. WTF people?

They want codify in the country's laws a husband's right to beat his wife with a small stick. Any husband. Any wife. Any time. And the permissible reasons are outrageous. Speaking too loudly? Really?

It seems to me that a light beating is sort of like humane torture. There isn't any such thing. A light beating is one that someone else endures.

To me, being safe in one's home is a basic human right that crosses all cultures.

I probably wouldn't have written about this news story had I not discovered a parallel message in a Tumblr blog. I was adding new blogs to the blogroll (there are a bunch - check them out!). I found an otherwise conventional spanko photoblog with this subtitle:

All women should get spanked like children

That first word offends me. There is no statement you can make about all women without overgeneralizing. We are remarkably diverse in our attributes and our situations.

Yes, there are some women who want and/or need to be spanked sometimes. But definitely not all women. Not even close. Even among those of us who appreciate receiving a spanking, there are limits that we expect to be respected. If I'm sick or injured or working or just really not up for it right now, that has to be OK.

The bottom line is that without consent, it's assault. Assault cannot be excused, forgiven, explained away, or even legislated by religious misogynists. We call people who commit assault criminals. And that's exactly how we need society to treat them.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Your Questions Answered

Thank you to everyone who posed questions. Here are your questions and my answers.

Cat asked, "If money and time were not an issue, where would you travel?"

I've always wanted to visit New Zealand with Iceland as a second choice.

Lindy asked, "How long have you been practicing TTWD?" and "Do you and your partner have any fantasies?"

(deep breath) Randy and I have been together for 39 years. Spanking has always been a part of our relationship.

Yes, we each have lots of fantasies that we live when we can. My fantasies tend to involve corporal punishment themes. Randy likes dressing me for role play spankings. We only occasionally get sufficient time and energy to pursue our fantasies these days, but we enjoy them when we do.

Six of the Best asked, "Have you ever discussed with your ever loving husband, that the day will come, when either one of you or the other, will not be able to spank or be spanked, because of aging disabilities?"

Yes, very definitely. As we age, we both experience aches and pains that impede our play. We've been fortunate to avoid major disabilities thus far, but we are very aware it will happen. We will find less strenuous ways to express our love.

Ronnie asked. "What's Randy's favourite implement to spank you with? Do any of your vanilla friends know you get spanked?"

What day is this? Seriously, he goes through cycles. A few months ago, it was the punishment cane. Now, he seems to favor a small, stiff, leather paddle. And there are a few wooden toys that never get buried very deep in the toy box.

There are a few who are aware, but it's not something we really discuss.

John asked, "Did you ever tell your daughter you're in spanking or does she suspect you're in some kind of kinky play?"

We never told her and she never asked. I think she knows, but does not want to know. And that's fine with us.

Gary (via e-mail) asked, "I heard a hard spanking described as burning like fire. is that how it feels for you?"

I feel heat and pain to be sure, but I have to think that having your flesh seared by a fire is worse than any spanking I have experienced.

Anon (via comment) said, "it seems like you have the perfect life are you happy at your day job... maybe you can reply and give me some tips on how to approach my wife I think we need some spice in our bedroom"

We don't have the perfect life. We work through the same challenges that many couples experience as they walk through life. I choose not to highlight broken grocery bags and appliances that need maintenance. At the same time, we are very blessed to have each other and a reasonably comfortable life.

I also try not to unload the burdens of my job. It is often stressful and saps my energy. I want this blog to be a positive place where we can discuss spanking in a consensual relationship. Gripes about work don't support this purpose.

Here are a couple of tutorials that you may find helpful as you seek to include your wife in your search for spice:

          Your First Spanking

          Talking with Your Partner

Thanks, everyone!